Rob Gronkowski: Tom Brady should be the MVP every year

Rob Gronkowski: Tom Brady should be the MVP every year

Rob Gronkowski has played his entire career with Tom Brady as his quarterback, and he thinks that means he’s always been with the best.

Asked if Brady should be the league MVP this season, Gronk said Brady should be the league MVP every season.

“Tom’s the MVP every year,” Gronk said. “The way that he adjusts on the fly to his personnel, just trying to get the ball into the best player’s hands or the best matchup on that current play. He’s just always ready to go no matter what the situation is. So he’s MVP every year, baby.”

Gronkowski said it has been his honor to play with Brady.

“It’s just cool to be part of history,” Gronkowski said. “It’s unbelievable. It shows what his work ethic is, howe dedicated he is to the game of football, and how talented he is. The determination, week in and week out, is just unbelievable. It’s just surreal how he’s pulling it off at age 44, coming out here like he’s in his 20s still and just winging that ball, zipping it where it needs to be, making fantastic throws, week in and week out. It’s just an honor to be a part of.”

Given that Brady leads the NFL in attempts, completions, yards and touchdowns and has led the Bucs to a 12-4 record, it’s actually a little surprising that he isn’t viewed as a stronger MVP contender. He may not be the MVP every year, but looking over the course of his career, he may have deserved more than the three MVPs he has won.